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- The damned stand ready! 诅咒者就绪!
- My life for Nazul! Ner ''zhul万岁!(Nazul应为Ner ''zhul,UD的老大,下同)
- I wish only to serve! 服从是我的天命!
- Thy bidding, Master? 您的命令,主人?
- Where shall my blood be spilled? 我的热血应撒向何处?
- I bow to your will. 服从您的意愿。
- Yes, Master! 是,主人!
- I gladly obey. 我乐意服从。
- My fate is sealed. 我的前途是未知的。
- Thy will be done! 您的意愿已完成!
- This is the hour of the scourge! 天罚的时代降临了!
- Death shall cleanse the world! 死亡将清洗大地!
- All I see is blackness... Oh, my hood''s down. 我见到无尽的黑暗…噢,我的头巾掉下来了。
- Let blood drown the weak! 让血海淹没弱者吧!
- My life for Aiur! Uh, I mean Nazul! Aiur万岁!啊,我指的是Ner ''zhul!
- The living be cursed! 诅咒生者!
- Would you like to know the secret to eternal happiness? Page 246. 想知道永恒的幸福的秘密吗?翻到246页。
- Once you head down the Dark Path, forever will it dominate your destiny! And you get dental. 一旦你步入黑暗,它会永恒支配你的命运!
- [.vs 英雄] I am sanctified! 我被净化了!
- Death shall reign! 亡灵支配一切!
- Fear the Reaper! 在死神面前颤抖吧!
- Let life cease! 生命,终结吧!
噬尸鬼 - (注解: 所有其他音效都是噪音)
- Me eat dead people! 我吃死人~
- Me scary! 我好怕怕哦~
- Me eat brains! 我吃脑髓~
- No guts, no glory! 不贪婪地吃,怎么能获得荣耀!
地穴魔王- (趣味注解: 他的死亡音效文件名是''PitFiendDeath'' 而不是''CryptFiend'' )
- The sleeper awakes! 沉睡者苏醒了!
- Proceed! 前进!
- Make your choice!请指示!
- You rang? 你在召唤我吗?
- I await. 待命。
- [召唤Vile Insects] Rise! 起来吧!
- By Narube!** 以Narube的名义!
- What''s done is done! 奉命行事!
- The time is now! 是时候了!
- Yes, Master! 是,主人!
- What a tangled web we weave!我们编织的网多么缠绕!
- Spider sense tingling.
- Last week my top half was on the Discovery channel. 上星期我的上半身出现在《探索频道》
- And my bottom half was on Animal Planet. 而下半身出现在《动物星球》
- My ass always gets bloated during my spin cycle! (注解: lol) 我吐丝的时候PP都肿起来了!
- I like chicks that are into bandage! (注解: rofl!) 我喜欢绷带绑起来的小鸡
- I''m stuck on bandages, ''cause bandages are stuck on me!* 我被绷带绑住了,因为我绑住了绷带!
- [.vs 英雄] Fall before the scourge! 在天罚面前倒下吧!
- For the Spider Kingdom! 为了蜘蛛王国!
- Be drained of life! 吸干你的生命!
- You may feel a sting. 可能会有点疼的~
石象鬼- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)
绞肉车- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)
- Us hear and obey!* 我们听从命令!
- What we do?* 让我们做什么?
- Egghhhh?* 恩?
- We done waiting!完成并等待!
- Hmmmm. 唔
- Us go!* 我们上!
- Egghhhh?* 恩?
- Random terror!* 随机之恐怖!
- (Growl) 咆哮声
- (Growl) 咆哮声
- We come in peace... es! 我们平静的到来……(由碎片组成)。
- Happy entrails! 祝内脏快乐!
- You got us in stenches! 我们从恶臭中而来!
- Choke! *打嗝*
- (Growl) 咆哮声
- Us dead sexy! 我们贼性感!
- [.vs 英雄] All for one! (注解: 还有one for all!) 万物归一
- Kill! 杀!
- (Growl) 咆哮声
- Tear meat! 撕成肉片!
- Rip! 撕碎!
- The shadows beckon! 影子在召唤!
- The dead shall serve! 死者服从于我!
- The restless dead await! 无尽的死亡在等待!
- What does the shadow will? 何为影之意愿?
- This better be good! 这最好有用!
- [尸体炸弹] Bloody corpses! 血之尸啊!(尸爆?早取消了啊)
- [召唤骷髅] Awaken! 苏醒吧!
- Intriguing! 有趣
- For the Lich King!为了巫妖王!
- Let Darkness guide me! 黑暗,指引我吧!
- As the shadow wills! 服从影之意愿!
- Every man lives, not every man truely dies! 每个人都生存过,但不是每个人都会真正死去!
- I love the dead... frequently! 我爱死尸……经常是
- I see undead people! 我看见亡灵啦~~
- You smell something? Oh, its just the troops! 你闻到什么东西了吗?啊,这就是军队!
- Right click for hot, undead action! 点右键观看亡灵热舞秀
- [.vs 英雄] They''ll all be mine in the end! 他们最终都将成为我的傀儡!
- Die! 死吧!
- Tremble before the scourge! 在天罚面前颤抖吧
- None shall survive! 杀无赦!
骷髅- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)
- Let my cries chill the living! 让生命在我的尖叫中颤栗吧!
- You call to me? 你召唤我?
- You brought me back? 你把我带回来了?
- Why have I been summoned? 为什么我被召唤来?
- What must I do? 我得做什么?
- High!* high
- If it pleases you. 如果这能取悦你
- Yes. 是
- If I must. 如果我必须做
- I must obey. 我必须服从
- If that is your wish. 如果那是你的意愿。
- Let this torment end! 让痛苦结束吧!
- How long must I suffer? 我还要受多少折磨?
- U. N. D. E. A. D. Find out what it means to me! U N D E A D,告诉我是什么意思!
- There is no banshee, only Zul!** 没有女妖,只有Zul。
- I hate you, I hate you... call me! 我恨你,我恨你……召唤我。
- [.vs 英雄] My death awaits! 死亡在等待我!
- Die! 死!
- Feel my pain! 感受我的痛苦吧!
- Your soul shall (注解: 还有一个字在''shall''后面, 我玩了超过30次还是听不清楚. 听起来象是以''m''开头的 但是我试过了所有以''m''开头的都发现不是很配.)你的灵魂属于我!
冰龙- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)
- The damned return! 被诅咒者再生了!
- I shall be your eyes! 让我做你的眼睛!
- My sight is yours! 我的视线就是你的!
- What needs revealing? 有什么需要揭示?
- Let''s see. 我们来看吧
- I''ll look into it.我看一下
- All shall be revealed. 揭示一切
- I go unseen! 探索未知
- I''m but a shadow of my former self.我只是前身的一个影子
- What I do in death echoes in eternity! 我的死亡回荡于永恒!
- Death is its own reward! 死亡就是回报!
- I''m having a mid-death crisis! 我存在于生死之间
- I ain''t got no body! (用唱的) 我没有身体~~~~
- I''m invisible, gaseous, and deadly! 我是隐形的,气态的,致命的!
- [.vs 英雄] Glory to the scourge! 为了天罚的荣耀!
- More souls for the Master! 更多的灵魂将会归于我主
- Die! 死!
- Let screams fill the air! 让尖叫充斥天空!
- Feel my rath! 感受我的愤怒!
- For the Master! 为了我主!
死亡骑士- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The pact is sealed! 契约已订!
- You called? 你召唤我吗?
- My patience has ended! 我的耐心已尽!
- I am the Darkness! 我就是黑暗!
- My vengence is yours! 你就是我的复仇!
- Let battle be joined! 加入战斗!
- As you order! 听从命令!
- Hiyah! 嗨呀!
- At last! 终于!
- For the Lich King!为了巫妖王!
- Has hell frozen over yet? 地狱还没有冻住吗?
- I am the one horseman of the Apocalypse. 我是天命骑士之一。
- I hate people, but I love gatherings! 我恨人们,但我喜欢收藏品
- I''m a Death Night Rider! Muh ha ha ha 我是一个死亡骑士(死掉的夜骑士)!啊哈哈哈
- Blueca!**
- Don''t touch me... I''m evil! 别碰我……我是邪恶的!
- [.vs 英雄] Let terror reign! 让恐惧统治一切吧!
- Feel my rath! 感受我的愤怒!
- Ride or die! 逃跑还是受死!
- By Nazul! 以Ner ''zhul的名义
恐惧之王- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The night beckons! 夜在召唤!
- Greetings! 向您问候!
- What, mortal? 什么事,主人
- What is it now? 现在呢?
- I must hunt soon! 我立即行动!
- That was my plan! 正是我的计划!
- Agreed! 同意!
- Very well. 很好!
- You thought of that? 你也那么想?
- If I have wings, why am I always walking? 既然我有翅膀,为什么我总是步行?
- (电话铃声) Yes? Arrgghh! For the last time, I''m a Dread Lord, not a Drug Lord! 喂?啊!!我说最后一次,我是一个恐怖魔王,不是毒品王!
- This is not a dress, it''s the standard Dread Lord uniform!这不是一般的服装,这是恐怖魔王标准套装!
- Dress to kill! Blah! 是穿来杀人的!废话!
- (电话铃声) Yes? Darkness, hey, what''s up? The Demon Hunter left you a message? No, I don''t have his number. 喂?黑暗之王吗?嗨,情况如何?恶魔猎手给你留了条短信?哦,不,我没有他的号码。
- And then, after I overthrow this fool... Oh! Hello! I didn''t know you were there. 然后,我揭穿这个笨蛋……啊,喂,我不知道你在那
- Imbisile! 不可思议
- [.vs 英雄] Your soul is mine! 你的灵魂属于我!
- I hunger! 我饥渴!
- Deathrageous! 死之怒!
- Die! 死吧!
巫妖- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The ancient evil survives! 远古邪恶生还了!
- I am sworn to Nazul! 我效忠于Ner ''zhul !
- Thy bidding? 你的命令?
- Direct me! 指示我吧!
- Yours to command! 由你指挥!
- [清醒] Cllleeaarrr! 了 解!!!
- [冰霜铠甲] Nazul protect them!Ner ''zhul保护他们!
- [冰河] Freeze! 结冻吧
- [召唤冰龙] Rise from your grave! 从坟墓中复活吧!
- So be it! 正是如此!
- By your words! 听你的!
- It it destined! 这是宿命!
- Dead man walking! 死者在行走啊!
- Chilling! 颤抖吧!
- Could you chew that up for me? 能帮我咀嚼一下吗?
- I''m so poor, I don''t even have calcium deposits! 我真可怜,我甚至连个钙质的驱壳都没有。
- I am the Ghost of Warcraft past.我是魔兽之幽灵。
- I hear that banshee''s a real screamer! 我听见女妖还真是能喊哪!
- You should see the skeletons in my closet! 你该看看我橱子里的骷髅!
- Im hoe chap!**
- All the ladies dig rigor mortis. 女人们在掘坟。
- You are the Weakest Link, goodbye! 你是最烂的链接,再见
- [.vs 英雄] For the burning Legion! 为了燃烧军团!
- Embrace the end! 接受这个结局吧!
- I will crush you! 我要灭了你!
- Embrace the cold!接受寒冷吧!
- Ready to work! 准备工作
- Hmmm? 恩?
- Yes? 是的?
- Something need doing? 要做点什么吗?
- What you want? 你想要什么?
- Okie dokie. 好的好的
- Be happy to. 很乐意
- Work, work. 干活呀干活
- I can do that. 我做的了
- Whhaaaaaattt? 什 么???
- Me busy, leave me alone. 我很忙,别烦我
- No time for play. 没时间玩耍
- Me not that kind of Orc. 我不是那种兽人
- [.vs 英雄] Why not? 为什么不?
- I''ll try 我试一下
- Get em! 扁他们!
- Ok 好!
- Owww! 喔
- My life for the Horde! 为部落而生!
- Yes? 是的?
- Huh? 哈?
- Master? 主人?
- What you want? 你想要我干什么?
- Loktar! 兽人语
- Zugzug! 兽人语
- Dabu! 兽人语
- Swobu! 兽人语
- Why you poking me again? 为什么又戳我?
- Why don''t you lead an army instead of touching me? 你怎么不去指挥部队而一直碰我?
- Poke, poke, poke, is that all you do? 戳戳戳,你就会干这个吗?
- Eww, that was kind of nice. 呃,这还差不多
- Me so horned, me hurt you long time! 我有角,我会伤到你的哦
- Me no sound like Yoda, do I? 我听起来不象尤达(星战系列),(以尤达的口气)是吗?
- It not easy being green... (用唱的) 绿皮肤可不简单哟~
- [.vs 英雄] For the Horde! 为了部落!
- Hiyah! 嗨呀!
- Time for killing! 杀戮的时刻到了!
- Time to die! 去死吧!
- Venegence for Zulti
- Who you want me kill? 想让我杀谁?
- What? 什么?
- Wasch you want me do?* 想让我干吗?(Wasch you=what you,读读看是不是这样?)
- Wasch you want me go?* 想让我去哪?(该是where''j you,参见battle.net creeps中的Forest troll页)
- Ahhh! 啊!
- Anything you want 怎样都行
- Joo got it man!* 了解了兄弟
- Yeah, hehe hehe hehe he! 耶~呵呵,呵呵,呵呵,呵!
- Wasch you bother me for?* 为什么烦我
- Leave it to me, I take a big weight off your shoulders! 交给我吧,我给你减轻负担
- Schoo wanna buy a cigar?* (Schoo = you) 你想来只烟吗?
- Luuucyy!
- Say hello to my lil friend.跟我的小朋友说声好
- [.vs 英雄] Asdingo! 兽人语
- Asdingo! 兽人语
- Don''t mess with the bad guy! 别跟坏孩子在一起!
- It''s time for a lil blood! 血债血偿!
弩车 - (注解:音效全是噪音没有文字 )
牛头人 -
- May my ancestors watch over me! 愿我的祖先注视着我!
- Bring it on! 来吧!
- I am able to help! 我帮的上忙
- How now! 现在怎么样?
- For the Tribes! 为了部落!
- Immediately! 马上!
- Well done! 干的好!
- Do not push me, or I wil impale you on my horns! 别推我,要不我会用我的角顶你。
- Doubles!
- Got Milk? 要奶吗?
- There''s a lot at stake here! 别的地方有很多树桩!
- Hey, what are these letters burned on my ass? 嗨,在我PP上印的什么字?
- Oh ley !**
- (玻璃碎裂) Sorry! 抱歉!
- [.vs 英雄] Ruuuuaahh! 喊声
- Death to the enemies of the Horde! 部落的敌人受死吧!
- Death to the Enemy! 敌人受死吧!
- Start running! 逃跑吧!
- Euuhhhhh! 喊声
狼骑兵- (趣味注解: 他的死亡音效文件名是''raiderdeath''但他叫做 ''wolfrider'' )
- Ready to ride! (狼的喘气和吠叫声) 狼骑就绪!
- Yes Cheiftan? (狼的喘气声) 是,酋长?
- Hmmmm? (狼的呻吟声) 恩??
- Need something? (狼的喘气声) 需要什么吗?
- Say the word! (狼的吠叫声) 说啊!
- No problem! (狼的吠叫声) 没问题!
- Hi yah!* (狼的跑动声) 嗨呀!
- Mush! (狼的跑动声和呻吟声)
- Let''s ride! (狼的跑动声和呻吟声) 冲吧!
- Down boy! (狼的吠叫声) 下来,小孩!
- You''re annoying my dog! (狼的吠叫声) 你若恼我的狗了!
- What''s that smell? (狼的喘气声) Oh! Bad dog! (狼的哭叫声) 那是什么气味?啊!坏狗狗!
- I''m hungry like the wolf! (狼的笑声) (注解: 听起来想狼的笑声... 当然,如果它们能笑的话) (用唱的) 我饿的象头狼!
- [.vs 英雄] For the glory of the War Chief! 为了酋长的荣耀!
- Sick em! (狼的咆哮声)
- Taste my steel! (狼的吠叫声) 尝尝我的铁刃!
- For Doomhammer! (狼的吠叫声) 为了毁灭之锤(一个部落吧?)
- Ready to soar Master! 准备飞行,主人!
- Are there enemies above? 有敌人在天上吗?
- Un double!*
- Sping Chieftan!* 正在侦察,酋长!
- I need order! 我需要命令!
- To the winds! 与风同行
- Let''s fly! 我们飞吧!
- Onward and upward! 向前,向上!
- Yee Haw! 呀呼~
- Peter! I can fly! Peter,我会飞了!Peter.
- I can see my house! 我看家我家房子了!
- The onnnly way to fly! 飞行的唯一办法
- I''m getting a little dizzy! 我有点头晕了!
- Flash! (飞兽在咆哮) Ah ha ha! 闪光吧,啊哈哈!
- Fly the friendly skies! 飞向友好的天空!
- Look, up in the sky! It''s a bird! It''s a plane! It''s ME! 看天上,那是一只鸟,那是一架飞机,那是我!
- [.vs 英雄] Death to all who oppose the Horde! 挡我部落者死!
- Die! 死!
- Death from above! 空中者死!
- Victory for the Horde! 我族必胜!
- For the glory of the Horde! 为了部落的荣耀!
柯多兽- (趣味注解: 在游戏和建造描述里面它们都叫''Kodo'' 但是在音效文件里面它们都叫 ''Koto'' ) 所有其他音效都是柯多兽的咆哮.
- Here comes the beast again! 野兽又回来啦!
萨满法师 -
- Storm, Earth, and Fire, head my call! 风暴,大地,火焰,接受我的召唤吧!
- Yes? 是?
- Yes, War Chief? 是,酋长?
- How can I help? 要我怎么帮忙?
- Direct me! 指引我吧!
- Understood! 了解!
- A wise plan! 明智的计划!
- For the Horde! 为了部落!
- Right away! 马上!
- You ever get hit by lightning where the sun don''t shine?你曾在没有太阳的地方被雷击过吗? (闪电声) (注解: 哎哟!)
- Back off pup! 后退,小子!
- The sky is falling! 天空,正在坠落!
- Raindrops keep falling on my head! (用唱的) 雨水不停落在我的额头~~
- No time for play, we have war to ! 没有时间玩啦,我们有仗要打!
- Electrifying! 放电!
- Blame it on the rain! Huh ha ha! 怪那些雨水吧!哼哈哈哈!
- [.vs 英雄] I dedicate my power to the Horde! 为部落贡献我的力量!
- Thunder! (雷鸣声) 雷!
- Power to the Horde! 以部落的力量!
- Feel the ground trrremble!* 感受大地的颤抖吧!
- Lightning! (闪电声) 电!
- Someone call for de doctor?* 有人召唤巫医吗?
- I hear de summons!* 我听到了你的呼唤!
- How may I serve? 我要怎样服务?
- You sick, me help? 你生病,我帮忙?
- What you be cravin?* 你在渴望什么?
- Pasdingo! 兽人语
- Ride eway!* (Right away!) 立刻!
- Da be good choice, man!* 正确的选择,兄弟!
- E com bou com!* ** 兽人语
- Do you be feelin well?* 你感觉好吗?
- I may have somethin for ya!* 我可能有东西要给你
- We be jammin! 有干扰!
- It''s a cook book. A cook book! 这是一本烹调书,一本烹调书!
- Soil and grain is made from Trolls!
- [广播员]: Fankuisan? [Fakuisan]: Yes? Go ahead. [广播员]: What the Iron Troll is doing right now, is putting the heads in a pot. They have to boil for 20 minutes, so that the eyes can be used in a second dish, an eye and rasberry sorbet. [女声]: Mmmm! Sounds good! (可以清楚得听见头普通一声掉进水的声音) (砒霜:哈哈哈哈哈哈)
- [.vs 英雄] Ahhh! 啊!!
- I do it... Now! 现在就做!
- Blah aha hul!* ** 兽人语!
- Blah!
剑圣- (英雄,城镇中心)
- I obey the six vengance!
- I am yours! 我属于你!
- Ohh! 噢!
- Yesa, Lord!* 是,主人!
- What task is there?有什么任务?
- I hearo and obey!* 我听从命令!(剑圣说的是日式英语……把r音发成鲁等)
- Hai! 日语,嗨咿!
- Excellent choice! 完美的选择!
- Yes, huh! 是,哈!
- Snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper!
- My a blade can cut through armor, and still cut a tomato!* 我的刀可以切穿盔甲,切到里面的番茄(心脏)
- Twin blade action, for clean, close shave everytime! 看我的双刀流……每次都可以把脸刮的很干净~(剔须刀呀?)
- Wasabi! 日语,芥末 (……剑圣整个一日本武士)
=Attack Sounds=
- [.vs 英雄] For the burning Blade! 为了燃烧之刃
- Taste a* my blade! 尝尝我的利刃
- Ailease! *喊声*
- Hooah! *吼声*
先知- (英雄,城镇中心)
- The future is ours! 未来属于我们!
- My eyes are open. 我洞悉一切
- Seeing is believing! 眼见为实
- Do you need my counsel? 需要我的忠告吗?
- Destiny awaits. 命运在等待
- It is certain. 确信无疑
- Of course. 当然
- I see. 明白
- Watch out!
- I see dead people. 我看见死人了(开地图秘籍哦,果然是farseer)
- Touch you tongue to mine! 敢用你的舌头舔我! (狼的呻吟声)
- Concentrate and ask again. 思想集中一点!再问我一遍
- Outlook not so good. 前景不太理想(暗指微软的outlook不太好用)
- Reply hazy. Try again! 回答的摸棱两可,再说一遍!
- [.vs 英雄] Spirits of Earth and Storm, strike! 大地与风暴的灵魂啊,攻击吧!
- Strike! 进攻!
- Look out! 注意!
- Attack! 进攻!
牛头人酋长- (英雄,城镇中心)
- I have an axe to grind! 我有把斧子要磨
- I stand ready! 我准备好了
- Your command? 你的命令?
- Your order? 你的指示?
- What would you ask of me? 你要我做什么?
- Done! 完成!
- For my ancestors!为了我的祖先们!
- An excellent plan! 好计划!
- Yes Chieftan? 是,酋长?(他自己也是酋长哦)
- Mmmm. My back is killing me! 唔,我的后背要了我的命。
- I need to take a load off! 我需要减轻负荷。
- Rrrrggg! I think I have a splinter! 呃啊~~~~我想我的骨头碎了!
- These poles are heavy, I should find someone else to tote em!这些柱子好沉啊,我该找别的人来背它(找个真人来作我的图腾)
- I used to have to go to war uphills, both ways!我以前打仗的时候还得上坡,两个方面……
- Your way, right away! 一是你上,二是马上
- [.vs 英雄] For the War Chief and the Tribes! 为了酋长和部落!
- For the Tribes! 为了部落!






不知道你是LM的什么种族 我是人类 圣骑士 我就献丑给你提供一下人类流程好了。仅供参考
1-10 人类艾尔文森林 主要任务领取 北郡修道院 闪金镇 东部伐木场 以及几个农场
10-20 西部荒野 主要任务领取 撒丁农场 西部荒野与艾尔文森林森林相接的地方 哨兵岭 还有死亡矿井最后BOSS的信 是暴风城监狱任务触发的 还有灯塔
20-25 赤脊山
25-30 都在暮色森林 任务及其的多
30-35 湿地 这里就开始有部落搅局了 尤其是跟阿拉希相接的大桥那里 有个杀JY矮人的任务 最好组队一起做
35-38或40 凄凉之地 这里有个高级FB 玛拉顿 有时候有部落大号带小号去 但是我觉得多数时候还是碰见平级部落几率大
40-50 可以选择塔纳利司沙漠 或者菲拉斯 建议你去菲拉斯那里的鱼人出金珍珠 比较值钱 但是塔纳利司沙漠要去 那里有个FB 祖尔法拉克 可以去提升装备 而且还有任务奖励棍子上的胡萝卜 可以提高坐骑速度 3%
50-55 安戈落环行山 那里中间的火羽山出火焰精华 攒起一组卖拍卖行也很赚钱
55-60 希利苏斯 出空气精华 好多高级附魔都要那个 很好卖
这就是我的路线 跨过JJG了 如果有人带做任务就会脱节 最好刷FB到了我说的等级再去下一个地方